Utah Wins Colorado Invite, Colorado Wins Montana State Invite

Saturday, January 19, 2019 • by Brooke Frederickson, RMISA

BOZEMAN, Mont.—The teams closed out both the Colorado and Montana State Invitationals on Saturday afternoon with Utah winning the CU Invite by over 100 points and Colorado edging the Utes by five points at the MSU Invite. Colorado's Hedda Baangman and New Mexico's Ricardo Izquierdo-Bernier won in Nordic at the MSU Invite while Montana State's Louis Muhlen-Schulte won the postponed men’s slalom of the CU Invite in alpine.

Utah entered the final race of the Colorado Invitational with an 85-point lead and ended up winning by 115 points. The Utes had 663 points, finishing ahead of Denver (548) and Colorado (515.5) in the win. Montana State finished fourth (501) with Alaska Anchorage fifth (478), New Mexico sixth (442.5), Alaska Fairbanks seventh (200), Westminster College eighth (211), Wyoming ninth (105) and Colorado Mountain College 10th (68).

Colorado and Utah both leaped New Mexico in the final day of the MSU Invitational with CU taking the win 587 to 583 and UNM finishing third (569). The Utes had a rough start to the meet and were sixth after the first day. Denver finished fourth (502.5) followed by Montana State (464), Alaska Anchorage (458), Westminster College (205.5), Alaska Fairbanks (199) and Colorado Mountain College (31).

The teams are back in action at the New Mexico Invitational beginning Feb. 1.

Women's 15-km Classic

  1. Hedda Baangman, Colorado
  2. Guro Jordheim, Utah
  3. Kati Roivas, Alaska Fairbanks
  4. Anne Siri Lervik, Colorado
  5. Christina Rolandsen, Colorado
  6. Karianne Moe, Utah
  7. Mariah Bredal, Utah
  8. Leah Lange, Utah
  9. Jenna DiFolco, Alaska Anchorage
  10. Taeler McCrerey, Denver
  • Team scores: Colorado 100, Utah 89, Alaska Anchorage 64, Alaska Fairbanks 57, Montana State 52, Denver 49, New Mexico 43.
  • Colorado's Hedda Baangman earned her first win of the season and the third of her career. She has finished on the podium in three of four races this season.
  • Utah's Guro Jordheim finished second, the only race this season she hasn’t won. It’s her fourth podium of the year.
  • Alaska Fairbanks' Kati Roivas earned her first podium win of the year.
  • Colorado's Ann Siri Lervik and Christina Rolandsen both earned their first top five finishes of the year.
Men's 10-km Classic
  1. Ricardo Izquierdo-Bernier, New Mexico
  2. Kornelius Groev, New Mexico
  3. Maximilian Bie, Utah
  4. Ola Jordheim, Utah
  5. Logan Diekmann, Utah
  6. Sigurd Roenning, Alaska Anchorage
  7. Eivind Kvaale, Denver
  8. Erik Olsvik Dengerud, Colorado
  9. Ole-Marius Kirkeng, Denver
  10. Alvar Alev, Colorado
  • Team scores: Utah 94, New Mexico 92, Denver 64, Alaska Anchorage 63, Colorado 62, Montana State 43, Alaska Fairbanks 36.
  • New Mexico's Ricardo Izquierdo-Bernier earned his first career victory. He has two podium finishes this year.
  • New Mexico's Kornelius Groev is the only skier to finish on the podium in all four races.
  • Utah’s Maximilian Bie earned his first career podium finish.
  • In addition to Groev, Utah’s Ola Jordheim is the only other skier to finish in the top five in every race.
  • Utah’s Logan Diekmann has three top five finishes this year.
Men's Slalom
  1. Louis Muhlen-Schulte, Montana State
  2. Vegard Busengdal, New Mexico
  3. Martin Arene, Westminster College
  4. Simon Fournier, Denver
  5. Joey Young, Colorado
  6. Olav Sanderberg, New Mexico
  7. Addison Dvoracek, Utah
  8. Zak Vinter, Montana State
  9. Joachim Lien, Utah
  10. Raffael Breu, Westminster College
  • Team scores: New Mexico 84, Montana State 80, Westminster College 73, Utah 61, Colorado 58, Alaska Anchorage 46, Denver 31, Colorado Mountain College 30.
  • Montana State's Louis Muhlen-Schulte earned his first career victory. He has two podiums this season.
  • Westminster College's Martin Arene earned his first collegiate podium.
  • Denver's Simon Fournier earned his first top five finish in his first race of the season.
  • Colorado's Joey Young finished in the top five for the second time this season.

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