RMISA Skiers of the Week

Tuesday, January 22, 2019 • by Brooke Frederickson, RMISA

DENVER—The RMISA has announced the Skiers of the Week for last week's meets.

Montana State Invitational
Men's Alpine: Vegard Busengdal, New Mexico (3rd SL, 4th GS)
Women's Alpine: Amelia Smart, Denver (2nd GS, 5th SL)
Men's Nordic: Kornelius Groev, New Mexico (1st FS, 2nd CL)
Women's Nordic: Kati Roivas, Alaska Fairbanks (3rd CL, 4th FS)

RMISA Giant Slalom Qualifiers
Men's Alpine: Addison Dvoracek, Utah (1st CU, 1st MSU)
Women's Alpine: Eirin Engeset, Utah (2nd CU, 3rd MSU)

Colorado Invitational
Men's Alpine: Louis Muhlen-Schulte, Montana State (1st SL, 14th GS)
*The other races of the meet were held last weekend, the men's slalom was postponed due to weather.

Skiers of the Week are chosen based on NCAA points earned during the meet. A skier can only win the award once during the season.

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