DU Pippo Wins Freestyle, UU's Hendry Leads Men

Thursday, March 12, 2020 • by Brooke Frederickson, RMISA

BOZEMAN, Mont.—Denver's Evelinna Piippo won her first career NCAA Championship in the women's 5-km freestyle while Utah's Samuel Hendry led the West in the men's 10-km race with a second-place finish on day two of the NCAA Championships.

Following the races the NCAA announced the immediate cancellation of all championship events due to worldwide concerns regarding COVID-19. At the time of cancellation, Utah led the team standings with 293 points, leading Denver (261) and Middlebury (216). It was later determined that the team results will not count, but individual results will.

Team Standings

  1. Utah (293)
  2. Denver (261)
  3. Middlebury (216)
  4. Vermont (190)
  5. Colorado (158)
  6. Alaska Anchorage (145)
  7. Montana State (139.5)
  8. Westminster (86)
  9. Alaska Fairbanks (29.5)

Men's 10-km Freestyle

  1. Ben Ogden, Vermont
  2. Samuel Hendry, UU
  3. Bernhard Flaschberger, DU
  4. Sigurd Roenning, UAA
  5. Karl Schulz, Vermont
  6. Sondre Bollum, CU
  7. Espen Persen, UAA
  8. Magnus Boee, CU
  9. Peter Wolter, Middlebury
  10. JC Schoonmaker, UAA
  11. Maximilian Bie, UU
  12. Zanden McMullen, MSU
  13. Ola Jordheim, UU
  14. Borgar Norrud, DU
  15. Tristan Sayre, UAF
  16. Ryan Jackson, CU
  17. Eli Jensen, MSU
  18. Ole Kirkeng, DU
  19. Logan Mowry, UAF
  20. Mike Ophoff, UAF

  • Vermont led the race with 88 points with UAA the top RMISA school in the race (77).
  • Utah's Samuel Hendry earned his first career All-America honor, finishing on the podium in four of the five races he competed this season.
  • Denver's Bernhard Flaschberger earned his first career All-America honor with his fourth podium of the year.
  • Alaska Anchorage's Sigurd Roenning earned his second career All-America honor, he tied for the league lead with seven top-five finishes this year.
  • Colorado's Sondre Bollum earned his third career All-America honor and his fourth top-10 finish of the year.
  • Alaska Anchorage's Espen Persen earned his first career All-America honor, he was tied for third in the league with nine top-10 finishes this year.
  • Colorado's Magnus Boee finished second in the league with 10 top-10 finishes this year.
  • Alaska Anchorage's JC Schoonmaker earned his first career All-America finish with his fourth top 10 of the year.

Women's 5-km Freestyle

  1. Eveliina Piippo, DU
  2. Sophia Laukli, Middlebury
  3. Guro Jordheim, UU
  4. Katherine Ogden, Dartmouth
  5. Lina Sutro, Vermont
  6. Alexandra Lawson, Middlebury
  7. Sarah Goble, Michigan Tech
  8. Mariah Bredal, UU
  9. Margi Freed, Vermont
  10. Anna Darnell, UAA
  11. Anne Siri Lervik, CU
  12. Natalie Hynes, UAA
  13. Emma Tarbath, MSU
  14. Leah Lange, UU
  15. Mariel Pulles, UAF
  16. Anna-Marie Dietze, CU
  17. Hedda Baangman, CU
  18. Anja Maijala, UAF
  19. Anna Fake, MSU
  20. Hannah Rudd, UAA
  21. Vera Norli, DU
  22. Aubrey Leclair, MSU
  23. Emma Larsson, DU

  • Utah was the top RMISA team in the race with 74 points, trailing Middlebury (79) for the overall team score lead.
  • Denver's Eveliina Piippo wins her first NCAA Championship in her first career NCAA race. She tied for the league lead with five race wins this season.
  • Utah's Guro Jordheim earned her seventh career All-America honor and her league-high ninth podium of the season.
  • Utah's Mariah Bredal earned her second career All-America honor and is one of just two skiers in the league to finish every race in the top 10 this year.
  • Alaska Anchorage's Anna Darnell earns her first career All-America honor and fourth top 10 of the year.

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